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Madame Bovary
Gustave Flaubert, Lydia Davis
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Civil Disobedience and Other Essays (Collected Essays)
Henry David Thoreau
The Children Star
Joan Slonczewski
Manstealing for Fat Girls
Michelle Embree
Undersong: Chosen Poems Old and New
Audre Lorde
Radio Crackling, Radio Gone
Lisa Olstein
Radiant Days
Elizabeth Hand
Mythmakers and Lawbreakers: Anarchist Writers on Fiction
Margaret Killjoy, Kim Stanley Robinson
Footnotes in Gaza
Joe Sacco

Lonely Werewolf Girl

Lonely Werewolf Girl - Martin Millar I keep trying to read this book because there aren't many good books about female werewolves (or werewolves in general) but I keep getting put off by the language/voice/words. Maybe it gets better further in, or maybe I got suckered by the blurbs (Neil Gaiman, etc).