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The Comet's Curse (Galahad, #1)

The Comet's Curse (Galahad, #1) - Dom Testa Eh. I liked the premise more than anything else about this book - a worldwide meteor-borne virus attacks adults so they send 251 teenagers (16 and under) into space to colonize (oops, was I supposed to notice that?) some other planet and "save the human race." Again I have to wonder why every single YA science fiction book has to have a straight romance tacked on. I mean, I don't have to wonder; I just have to read Publishers Weekly; that's what publishing houses are buying I guess. Wait! I also liked that the teen captain of the ship was a girl. That was pretty cool. And that the publishing house had the good sense to show a character of color on the jacket. There are going to be sequels, and I might consider reading them, if only because I like an ensemble cast of characters on an adventure. But I might not, because I dislike cheesy villians (as I imagine many actually-young adults also do).