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Michelle Embree
Undersong: Chosen Poems Old and New
Audre Lorde
Radio Crackling, Radio Gone
Lisa Olstein
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Elizabeth Hand
Mythmakers and Lawbreakers: Anarchist Writers on Fiction
Margaret Killjoy, Kim Stanley Robinson
Footnotes in Gaza
Joe Sacco

Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush - Julie Burchill Okay I re-read this (10/12) because I'd forgotten I'd read it (in 10/9/10) and it was actually quite gripping, like an episode of Skins. There's some weird race stuff which I need to think more about, that sort of Sarah Silverman-y "edgy" humor which I actually kind of hate most of the time but there's something real going on in this book so I just went with it. I don't know. I also couldn't parse the class stuff, but I think the narrator is meant to be from a more posh background, or middle-class? The various schoolgirl romances were well done, so that's something.